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How We Work


Your Best Investment in Yourself

Our Process

1. Your First Appointment
We like to keep things personal. Each appointment begins with a conversation. I will take over twenty measurements while you tell me about your lifestyle and how you like your clothes to fit. Once you are measured we will select a cloth and style features for each item. We can also customize your appointment to involve auditing your closet, working with a personal assistant, or meeting in smaller sessions. Whatever works to help get the job done right. Custom is a process, not to be rushed, so we don't mind taking our time.

2. Styling & Ordering
 In order to maximize your time and create the most efficient process possible, we will style and order only one item from each category that interests you. We want to be sure each garment fits just as you are expecting. Once you have approved the fit of each unique garment in your order you will be free to order more.

3. Your Fitting & Delivery
Our factories will have your garments in your hands within four to five weeks from the day they receive your order. (Expedited shipping is available for a fee,) Once we hear your first order is on its way will make arrangements to personally deliver your clothing for your approval. A proper fit isn't just in the numbers, it's is all about how it feels and how it makes YOU feel. We want you to love opening your closet. Every day.

4. Post Delivery & Subsequent Orders
You and I can keep track of your J.Hilburn purchases in your Virtual Closet, ensuring a cohesive flow to your selections, season after season. You can also alert me to items you have set aside for consideration and I will make suggestions based on your selections. Once you have confirmed the fit for each category you shop from, you have the freedom to visit your personal portal and shop online, knowing the garments you are choosing will fit just like the first.

5. Gift-Giving Made Easy
Share your spouse's or assistant's information with me and I will be in touch well in advance of a special date (birthday, anniversary, or other celebration) and offer gift suggestions based on your likes, and past shopping history.

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